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Product:  Standard Flow Metering Valve
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MT Series - Standard Flow Metering Valve
Our Price: $121.50
Mfg: Bermad
Mfg's Part Number: MT0011GANP
Features: Automatic Shut-Off Water Metering Valve, 1" NPT, Standard Flow - 2.2 to 22.0 GPM.

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Dial Capacity/Batch Increments:


Mechanical Batching, Tank Filling, Small Scale Irrigation... 
MT Series Valves automatically deliver a preset quantity of water and then shuts itself off. The unique design saves water by actually metering the flow rather than timing it!

The volumetric shut-off valve is designed to meter a preset volume of water through the valve.  Once that amount has been reached, the internal valve closes to a drip-tight position.  The valve is Dial/Impeller controlled, hydraulically operated and Dial/Plunger actuated. 



  • No Electricity Required
  • Simple Design and High Quality Materials
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Extreme Accuracy and Dependability
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Metered Water is immune to Pressure Fluctuations
  • Can be installed in any position

Data Sheets:      Click Here to Download (pdf)

I/O/M Manual:  Click Here to Download (pdf)

Flow Rate Data:

MT Series - Flow Rate Data

Technical Data:

MT Series - Technical Data

Dimensions & Weight:

MT Series Dimensions and Weight Data

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MTA Series - Low Flow Metering Valve
Low Flow Metering Valve
Our Price: $121.50
Low Flow Metering Valve
Automatic Shut-Off Water Metering Valve, 1" NPT, Low Flow - 0.44 to 8.8 GPM.

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