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Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters
Reference / Library
Flow Measurement - Fundamentals
Flow Meter Selection Learn the fundamentals of flow meter selection, along with basic information on Turbine, Oval Gear, Variable Area and Ultrasonic Flow meters in this four part series.
Turbine Meters Knowing how a flow meter works allows you to understand more about why it is or is not a good meter for your application...
Oval Gear Meters Part 3 covers the basics on Oval Gear Meters. Learn why they work so well with Viscous Fluids... And why a grain of sand could stop your entire process!
Variable Area Meters If the advanced flow computers found on most of our GPI Turbine Meters offer way more information than you need, consider using a VA Meter.
Ultrasonic Meters Ultrasonic Flow Meters are a non-invasive flow technology that uses Sensors/Tranducers to generate ultrasonic sound waves used to determine flow velocities.
Product Series - Understanding and Customizing your GPI "09" Digital Display
Part 1 Features & Benefits, Factory Calibration GPI "09" Display
Part 2 Field Calibration - Correction Factor Method
Part 3 User Configurations - Customizing your Digital Display
Part 4 Field Calibration - Display/Dispense Method
Product Series - Choosing, Customizing and Installing your Flomec/GPI Oval Gear Meter
Part 1 Oval Gear Meters - Selection Guide Oval Gear Meters
Part 2 Oval Gear Meters - All about Rotors
Part 3 Oval Gear Meters - All about Reed Switch Sensors
Part 4 Oval Gear Meters - All about Hall Effect Sensors
Part 5 Oval Gear Meters - Installation Do's and Don'ts
Part 6 Oval Gear Meters - Chemical Compatibility
Part 7 Oval Gear Meters - A Refresher on PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
Part 8 Oval Gear Meters - Troubleshooting the OM Series Mechanical Oval Gear Meters
Part 9 Oval Gear Meters - Viscosity, What is it?
Click Here Pressure Drop Data - G2 Industrial Grade Turbine Meters Reference
Click Here Pressure Drop Data - A1 Commercial Grade Turbine Meters
Click Here NEMA Ratings Defined
Click Here GPI - Limited Warranty Statement
Click Here Mesh to Micron Conversions / ANSI 150lb Flange Dimensions
Click Here Hazardous Area Classifications Guide - Defining Hazardous Locations per the NEC

Product Literature
GPI/Flomec - Flow Meters
QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meters Click Here | G Series Precision Meters Click Here
G2 Series Industrial Flow Meters Click Here | TM Series PVC Water Meters Click Here
01 Series - Economy Water Meters Click Here | 01 Series - Economy Fuel Meters Click Here
02 Series - Electronic Flow Meter
with Scaled Pulse Output
Click Here


OM Series Oval Gear Meters - Small
1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch
Click Here
OM Series Oval Gear Meters -
Medium 1/2" inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch,
2 inch
Click Here | OM Series Oval Gear Meters - Large
3 inch & 4 inch
Click Here

GPI - Electronics
GG-500/510 - Display Click Here | GA-500/510 - Blind Transmitter Click Here
GX-500/510 - Transmitter w/ Display Click Here | SC-500 - Scaled Pulse Xmtr Click Here
GPI - 09 Series Electronic Display Click Here      

Meinecke Meters - Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
WP/Dynamic - Cold Water Meters Click Here | WP/Dynamic - Hot Water Meters Click Here
WP/Dynamic - BMF Series Meters Click Here | Meinecke Reed Style Pulsers Click Here
Meinecke Opto Pulsers Click Here | Meinecke FM-1D/K Click Here

GPI - Factory
Industrial Flow Meters/Flomec Click Here | GPI - Fuel Transfer Pumps and Flow Meters Click Here

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