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Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters

Flow Meter Selection GuideIf the fluid you're measuring is clean, but too viscous for a Turbine Meter... Consider using an Oval Gear Meter.

Oval Gear Meters are a member of the Positive displacement flow meter family. They operate by repeatedly filling and emptying compartments of a known volume with a liquid. The flow rate is then calculated based on the number of times these compartments are filled and emptied.

Oval Gear Meters are generally not recommended for water or water-like fluids, because of theOval Gear Meter - Cutaway increased risk of fluid slippage between the gears and chamber walls. The exception would be in low flow applications where a turbine meter would not be an appropriate choice due to the low flow velocities.

Typical Applications include measurement of Lubricating Oil, Hi-Viscosity Fluids, Greases, Epoxies, Polyurethane, Fuels, Solvents, Chemicals and Additives.

Recommended accessories: Because of the very tight tolerances found within an Oval Gear Meter, even a grain of sand in your fluid could potentially stop the gears from turning. To prevent that, we recommend installing a strainer upstream of your oval gear meter.

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