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Oval Gear Meters - Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Most Popular Models
View and/or purchase our most popular Oval Gear Meters. 
Flow Meters in this category are pre-configured to meet or exceed the requirements of the most common Oval Gear Meter applications

Pulse Output
No Display

Click Here - Pulse Out Lube Meter


Click Here - Mechanical Meters Click Here - Pulse Output Only

Click Here - Display Lube Meter


Local Display
No Output
Local Display
4-20mA Output
Click Here - Local Display Meters Click Here - Display with 4-20mA Output

Build Your Own
Click here to configure and customize an Oval Gear Meter to meet your specific application.
  Choose Body & Rotor Materials, Connection Type, Sensor Type, O-Rings, Display and/or Output options. 

Think an Oval Gear may be the best meter for your application?

 Y Strainer

Protect your investment with a Y-Strainer from
Oval Gear Meters work best with clean fluids, free of debris. 
At, we carry Y-Strainers sized to fit all of the GM-Series Oval Gear Meters.
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