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Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters
Hot Water Flow Applications



  Hot (adj.)
Referring to physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning; "hot water"

Water Meter...  (n.)
A contrivance for measuring a supply of water delivered or received for any purpose, as from a street main.


G2 Industrial Grade
Turbine Meters
A1 Commercial Grade
Turbine Meters
Meinecke Flanged
Turbine Meters

GPI G2 Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meters


GPI A1 Commercial Grade Turbine Flow Meters WP/Dynamic
150lb ANSI Flanged
Turbine Meters

Meinecke WP/Dynamic Hot Water Turbine Meters

Out of the box, G2 Industrial Grade and A1 Commercial Grade Turbine Meters are rated to 140'F...

Meinecke Hot Water meters are rated to 266'F

Standard Remote Kit

BMF Series
for Light Caustics, Brine and/or Low pH applications
2" to 8"

Meinecke WP/Dynamic - BMF Series Turbine Meters

WP-QF Series
High Pressure Turbine Meters
300lb ANSI Flanged
2" to 12"

Meinecke WP-QF Series High Pressure Turbine Meters

But, remote mounting the integral flow computer using our Standard or FM Approved Remote Kit instantly converts any G2 or A1 turbine into a quality Hot Water meter rated to 240'F!
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