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Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters
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Construction/Design Principles:

The turbine meter is a volumetric measurement device which operates by sensing the linear velocity of the fluid passing through it. Using a known cross-sectional area of the meter housing enables it to determine the volumetric flow rate. As fluid passes through the meter, it conveys an angular velocity (RPM) to the rotor, which is proportional to the linear velocity of the flowing fluid. Since the linear velocity of the flowing fluid though a given area is directly proportional to the volumetric flow rate, it follows that the speed of rotation of the rotor is directly proportional to the volumetric rate.

Meinecke Turbine Water Meter
Meinecke WP/Dynamic Series Cold Water Meter

G2 Series 316SS Turbine Meter

GPI G2 Series Industrial Grade Turbine Meter

What did he just say?     

The design of liquid turbine meter is relatively simple. It consists of a cylindrical housing similar to a flanged pipeline spool piece, a precision balanced free-running rotor and a pick-up assembly positioned as close to the rotor as practical without penetrating the housing wall. Fluid passing through the meter causes the turbine to rotate which in turn, generates pulses in the pick-up coil. Each pulse represents a finite unit of volume.  Quantifying the total number of pulses in a given time period allows the meter to accurately interpret/measure the total volume of flow through the meter.    

What did he just say?

In general, Liquid Turbine Meters are well suited for
measurement of any low viscosity liquid (50 centipoise is the suggested max) which is chemically compatible with the materials of construction of the turbine meter.  Available materials include 316SS, Brass, Aluminum, PVDF, PVC, and Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel.  Consider using a liquid turbine meter in applications where you're currently using a Variable Area (Rotameter) Flow Meter.

Similar Technologies:

Propeller Meters: The propeller style water meter is a variation of the turbine meter. It operates like a boat's propeller with the water traveling along the turbine's rotational axis, but with the turbine  supported by only one hanger assembly.  A conventional turbine's rotor is supported by two hanger assemblies. See examples below...

Propeller Style Meter Turbine Style Meter

Paddlewheel: While still considered to be part of the turbine family, Paddlewheel flow meters use a rotor whose axis of rotation is parallel to the direction of flow. Most paddlewheel meters have flat-bladed rotors and are inherently bi-directional.

Digiflow Paddlwheel Flow Sensor

  • High Accuracy (+/- 1% FS)
  • Excellent Low Flow Measurement
  • Wide choice of materials offers excellent corrosion resistance 
  • PVC, PVDF, 316SS - Ceramic Bearings
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Bi-Directional 

The Digiflow┬« FLOWX3 line includes a complete range of paddle wheel flow sensors, flow meters (indicators) and flow transmitters along with panel mount instruments and installation fittings. Additional Digiflow┬« FLOWX3 products include no-flow switches, ultra low flow meters, insertion type electromagnetic flow transmitters and dosing pump actuators. 

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