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Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters
MEINECKE'S Internal Measuring Unit
The simple solution to easy maintenance and minimal downtime...  

WP/Dynamic Flow Meters consist of just two parts...

  • The Body

  • The Internal Measuring Unit

Also known as IMU's, the Internal Measuring Unit includes all of the working parts of your meter in one factory calibrated, modular unit.   

Keeping a spare IMU in your storeroom is an economical alternative to costly off site repairs and  downtime.  Swapping IMU's is simple and quick... and doesn't require expensive skilled labor to complete.  It's as easy as:  

  • Shut the line down/relieve line pressure;

  • Remove the 4 to 8 hex head bolts (depending on meter size) that secure the IMU to the body;

  • Lift the existing unit straight out;

  • Check the position of the O-Ring Seal, dropping the new IMU in  place and replace the bolts...

You're done!

WP/Dynamic / IMU Part Numbers (Specify Register Reading)

Size Service IMU P/N Size Service IMU P/N
2" (50mm) Cold 828639 2" (50mm) Hot 828640
3" (80mm) Cold 828578 3" (80mm) Hot 828582
4" (100mm) Cold 828643 4" (100mm) Hot 828644
6" (150mm) Cold 828579 6" (150mm) Hot 828583
8" (200mm) Cold 828721 8" (200mm) Hot 828722
10" (250mm) Cold 828723 10" (250mm) Hot 828724
12" (250mm) Cold 828751 12" (250mm) Hot 828752
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