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Meinecke - Company History

Original factory, located in the Garvestrasse (on Garve Street)


Master Locksmith, Heinrich Meinecke builds a shop in Breslau-Carlowitz, Germany.  In addition to his work as a locksmith, he also designed and built vaults and safes. 


Heinrich Meinecke II convinces his father to consider the production of water measuring flow meters in his growing factory.

H. Meinecke, Co., introduced their first turbine flow meter utilizing the Woltman principles of flow meter design.   Most historians credit Reinhard Woltman, a leading German engineer during the late 1700's with the invention of the first turbine flow meter in 1790.   Today‚Äôs bulk meters, used to measure water flow in larger quantities, are still generically referred to as "Woltman" flow meters. 

Factory site in Breslau Carlowitz

H. Meinecke Company becomes H. Meinecke, AG (Corp).

That same year, H. Meinecke, AG  is awarded a patent for new "Woltman Principle" water meters.   The new Breslau factory serves double duty with a portion of the building used for water meter production and the remainder used to build  undercarriages for streetcars.

1901 to 1905 
By the end of May, 1901, H. Meinecke, AG had built and shipped over 251,000 flow meters to all parts of the world.  This incredible feat was testimony to the quality, durability and accuracy of Meinecke's new meter, built on Woltman principle.  

In 1905, production of water supply flow meters became the sole product offering from H. Meineicke, AG

Factory workers (trainees) Circa: 1927

Over the next 100 years, H. Meinecke, AG survived two World Wars; several changes in ownership and two revisions to the Cosmos Series turbine flow meters.  In 1993, the company celebrated it's 150th anniversary. 


Office Staff, Circa 1920

Today, H. Meinecke, AG is 106 years old and as strong as ever. Their product offering has grown to include turbine flow meters for both domestic and industrial applications  and the quality of their flow meters remains unsurpassed!    

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