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Mechanical Turbine Water Meters
Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters
Use the Quick-Links below for easy access to the QSI I/O Communication Boards for the respective GPI/Flomec Turbine Meter Series.
G Series G2 Series TM Series A1 Series
QSI for G-Series Turbine Meters QSI for G2 Turbine Meters QSI for TM Series Turbine Meters QSI for A1 Commercial Grade Turbine Meters

  • Communication options include: Modbus®RTU and BACnet®MS/TP (pending)
  • Built-in Bluetooth®Wireless Technology
  • External Programming FLOMEC®App available for mobil Devices
  • Receive in-field firmware updates
  • Standard Process Outputs:
    Pulse Output & 4-20mA
QSI Electronics Interface Process Variables

The Flomec® QSI I/O Board is a Multi-Functional Economical Unit designed to enhance product functionality and provided fully-featured communication protocols and process output signals for Flomec Flow Meters.

The fully-featured I/O board ships with a customized operating system to allow for downloadable upgrades and new feature developments.

  • Calculates flow and totals from pick-up coil or digital input pulses
  • Measures temperature from PT100 RTDs
  • BTU (Heat) meter calculates energy from flow and temperature inputs
    Data logger - stores all measured and calculated variables on internal flash memory
  • Access Data Logger information through FLOMEC app
Displays & Communication QSI-09

The standard QSI configuration does not come with a display. However, an optional display choice is available.

When equipped with the optional 09 Display, the display is:

  • Field-Configurable -
  • 3 totals (2 resettable, 1 cumulative)
  • Rate of Flow Indication
  • 2 Calibrations (Factory and User)

* Will not display Energy Consumption. Energy Consumption can be displayed on the Flomec App or transmitted out via RS485 or Pulse out.

The QSI Board is available in three versions and is also compatible with the Flomec 09 Electronic Display

Version Description:
Q1 Bluetooth®, Coil/Digital Pulse Input, Pulse Output (Scalable Flow or Energy), RS485 (MODbus®, RTU or BACnet® MS/TP [pending]), Temperature Inputs, BTU (Heat) Calculator Note: Temperature Inputs require Temp Sensor Probes - see below)
Q2 Bluetooth®, Coil/Digital Pulse Input, Pulse Output (Scalable Flow or Energy), Data Logger, Temperature Inputs, BTU (Heat) Calculator Note: Temperature Inputs require Temp Sensor Probes - see below)
Q3 Bluetooth®, Coil/Digital Pulse Input, Pulse Output (Scalable Flow), Data Logger, 4-20mA

QSI Data Sheet QSI Owners Manual QSI App - Quick Start
Manual: QSI-to-G Series Manual: QSI-to-G2 Manual: QSI-to-TM

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Our Price: From $945.00 to $1,641.00
QSI-G2 Series Adapter - Use for all G2 Industrial Grade Sizes & Materials. Also used for all 1" (only) A1 Series Commercial Grade Turbine Meters. (Not for use in the High Flow A1 Series 2" Meter)
Our Price: From $945.00 to $1,641.00
QSI-G-Series Precision Grade Turbine Meter Adapters
Our Price: From $945.00 to $1,641.00
QSI-G2 Series Adapter
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