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Since our "virtual" grand opening on September 1, 2004... has been instrumental in making us GPI's largest traditional distributor.  We earned this honorable position by giving our customers the best customer service we could, maintaining one of the largest inventories of GPI flow measurement products outside of the factory itself and by constantly updating, adding content to and improving this website. 

On an average day, 75 to 100 internet customers will visit, with a good portion of them calling or emailing us for further assistance and/or purchasing items right online.   We invite you to do the same. 

And after we've done business together, tell us what you thought of the entire experience…  The Web-Store, our Customer Service, even how you like your new GPI Flow Meter.   Better yet, if you're willing to share general application information with us, we'd love to hear about how you're using your flow meter. 

I look forward to hearing from you… 

Bill Michie,
Flow Products Specialist/Cross Instrumentation

Thanks for your attention, more companies should act like this.

Norm, Lake Elsinore, CA

I appreciate the follow up...   Thank you for everything and for being a responsible company!

Stephanie, Kentwood, MI

Can't recall such tremendous service like you performed on our purchase order!  Truly appreciated.  Just a note of thanks.

Amin D., Anaheim, CA

"I would just like to tell you what a wonderful job you did for me! I have not had a vendor work this hard to get something done that I really needed in a long time. I will refer you guys till the end of time...  Once again, great job! Thanks! Joe"

Joe M., Gold Kist Inc., Ball Ground, GA

"I'm a little irritated that your shipping is so slow... I mean, a whole 45 minutes after I placed the order? Just joking, of course.  Thanks for your great prompt service."

Matt, Fort Wayne, IN 

"Thanks.  Awesome responsiveness!  Monday delivery will be fine (we're closed on Saturday)."
Jody, Vicksburg, MS

"Thank you very much for your assistance. It is nice to know that excellent customer service still exists." 
Tanya, Sacramento, CA

"Being able to chat with you online yesterday sure helped with our decision to try one of your flow meters. We normally buy very high precision Micro Motion flow meters but we have several present and future applications that don't require the precision and performance that MM provides and I was looking for an alternative.  Looking forward to trying one of your flow meters..." 
Brian,  Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks Bill, got the meter on Tuesday and it is installed and works great.  We use it on our water truck when we fill our 600 gallon sprayer.  Your website is easy to use and I like the 5% discount!   Thanks..." 
Doug,  Tolono, IL

"Thanks for the quick response! We do not need the coupling kit, just the meter." 
Bob, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you.  Personal touch is always a plus!" 
Linda, Lynn, MA

"Got your emails - thank you. Actually I've been roaming around your website - it's about a thousand times better than GPI's (factory website) - excellent job!!" 
Allen, California

"Thanks for your follow up. Your service was fantastic. We are using this meter to monitor water usage at a marina in a State Park. We will probably add one or two more in the next few months. The park staff is quite impressed with the speed (and value) of the meter. They may incorporate this product in their campground expansion plans. Thanks again..." 
Scott, Spring Hill, KS

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For additional information and/or assistance selecting a flow meter...
Call the Flow Experts at Cross Instrumentation...  (866) 905-9788

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