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Hedland Variable Area Flow Meters

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

For G2 Series Flow Meters Wireless  Assembly Specifications
Wireless Flow Transmitter
Flow Meter / Receiver
Flow Meter and Transmitter    GPI 4-20mA Receiver

GPI's new, battery-powered Wireless Transmitter is designed to transmit flow-rate from a G2 Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meter to the remote mount receiver.  This system includes both the Transmitter and the Receiver. 

The Wireless Transmitter package is a perfect fit for many plant and other applications where running conduit/wiring is either cost prohibitive or physically difficult.  Both the Transmitter and the Receiver are color coded making installation easy for optimum signal transmissions. 

Kit Includes: Transmitter to fit G2 Meters
Receiver includes 25' Cable
Transmitter Battery Pack

Frequency: 903.37 MHz- 921.37 MHz

Power Supply:


  Battery Pack, 2 each 3/4 AA Lithium, 3.6 V each, 7.2 V Total
Receiver:    5-35 VDC

Transmission Distance: 300' Max, Line of Sight

Available Channels: Eight (8)

Transmission Time Intervals: 1, 2, 5 & 10 Sec.

Enclosure: NEMA 4

Features and Benefits

  • Simple to use;

  • Affordable Wireless
    Flow Measurement System;

  • Battery Powered;

  • Can be retrofitted to existing G2 & A2 Turbine Flow Meters;

  • Considerably less expensive than traditional conduit and wiring!

GPI's Wireless 4-20mA option is available on all these Industrial Grade "G2" Turbine Meters -
Can also be retrofit to existing G2 and A2 Turbines...
316SS ANSI Flanged Sanitary High Pressure
PVC CPVC Aluminum Brass

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